What Exactly Is The Difference Between Lofi And Chillhop?

Hip-hop has become a worldwide phenomenon in the last few decades. Naturally, it lends itself to a lot of creativity and interpretations. Musicians drawing inspiration from jazz and soul have come to produce entirely new subgenres of hip-hop. Lofi and chillhop, both incredibly popular hip-hop subgenres, don’t quite fit the mainstream definition. Nonetheless, countless artists have pioneered the free lofi music and chill-hop music genres into highly successful streaming phenomena.

Chillhop and lofi music download has become one of the most popular solutions for studying and background ambience in a variety of different settings, but do you know what the difference is between the two?

In A Nutshell

The two genres have a lot in common, both heavily influenced by instrumentals and chilled, laid-back moods.  While lofi hip hop concentrates on simple beats and rhythms, chillhop is a more all-encompassing term referring to a broader beat selection.

What Exactly Is Chillhop?

The chillhop subgenre is distinguished by soothing downtempo that can be traced back to boom bap, trip-hop, and electronic music with subtle drums. Pioneers of the sound began their exploration of the genre in the 1990s and became popularised in the 2000s, particularly amongst the anime community.

The majority of popular chillhop tracks are intended as background instrumentals. Although some may include voice samples, vocals are not usually the key focus. It can be described as having a soft “earthy” sound rather than being bright or lively. Tracks are generally less than 100 bpm, but artists should always be encouraged to push the mould.

What Exactly Is Lofi?

The term lo-fi or lofi refers to a recording style that isn’t of professional recording quality. It was first used to refer to low-quality recordings containing audible imperfections, like background noise or performance mistakes, captured on low-cost equipment — the opposite of high-quality recordings or hi-fi productions. Musically, royalty-free lofi was seen as more authentic than professional approaches throughout the 1980s and 1990s. As a result, lofi was a popular aesthetic for punk, indie rock and hip-hop performers because it was cost-effective and artistically appealing.

Lofi is an electronic music subgenre that shares characteristics with downtempo music and the chillwave movement. It combines rhythms and samples from house, jazz, easy listening and hip-hop with a DIY music style that highlights the flawed, handcrafted feel of analogue recordings. The end product is dreamlike audio with a peaceful, nostalgic feel that many people find excellent for background music. Lofi songs, for download in mp3 or online streaming, have become a popular choice when studying, reading or writing.

Are You A Lofi And Chillhop Fan Or Artist?

Do you have lofi and chillhop beats running through your veins? Fans of both subgenres know the creative power and potential for chilled focus the music possesses. The genres continue to grow in popularity, attracting millions of new listeners and thousands of new lofi and chillhop musicians every year.

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