Lofi Explodes Onto The Music Scene And Boasts A Unique legacy

Chill lofi beats is a purposefully down-graded form of music. It’s a juxtaposition of an artificial old sound ensconced within contemporary digital savviness. In recent years, a style of music tagged as lofi hip-hop or chillhop has become popular among YouTube streamers. The inspiration for these styles comes mainly from artists Nujabes and J Dilla. The internet explosion of chill lofi beats around 2010 has made this an accessible and powerful genre. Industry experts consider lofi a form of internet folklore that is simultaneously niche and mainstream.

Lofi’s Evolution

High definition music production became available in the ’50s. However, most recording artists opted for low fidelity (lofi) productions due to the high expense. This is when phonographic imperfections (hisses, fuzziness and tape misses) came into play.

The following three decades witnessed the music world fling itself into a DIY mentality and an Indie scenario appeared on the scene. As a result, garage rock bands of the ’60s and punk rock bands of the ’70s adopted the chill lofi beats. The movement became associated with youthful vitality. This ignited a growing appeal over the next twenty years with the ‘80s American underground, such as R.E.M. and British post-punk bands becoming favourite exports.

Despite the advancement of technology in the ‘90s, lofi artists applied deliberate decisions to make imperfect music. It took on many forms, ranging from making band demos in a garage to mixtapes or beats with sophisticated jazz samples.

Lofi’s Hip Hop Characteristics Is What Makes This Genre So Popular

1) Sampling 

Snippets of song or a bar of an instrumental score from a gone-by era are introduced into the piece in a novel way.

2) Nostalgia

Lofi’s core theme evokes nostalgia and calmness. This is achieved by old movie clips, vintage cartoons, muffled sounds and low to mid-beat tempos. For the older generations, the appeal lies

in the melancholy for simpler times. For youth, the appeal might simply lie in the curiosity for the grunginess that the genre exposes.

3) Looping 

Repetition of cords and mundane visuals make it an undemanding listening experience.

4) Japanese Culture and Artwork

Lofi pieces come from all around the world. However, a lot of lofi tends to revolve around well-known Japanese pianists, jazz artists, and anime clips.

5) Visual aesthetics 

Muted tones, saturated colour palettes and mundane imagery are utilised to achieve a dreamy aesthetic.

The Allure Of Lofi

Lofi’s low hums help the brain’s frontal lobe to focus. Because of its repetitive nature, listeners aren’t distracted and can easily enter into a state of flow. High frequencies are avoided or minimised through low-pass filters and a low-intensity aura is achieved. This is conducive to calming the mind and makes this genre the ideal music to listen to when working, studying or relaxing.

Come and hang out with Lofi Hip Hop, whether you’re burning the midnight oil or simply vibing on the beach with friends. When you dive into our treasure-trove of chill Lofi beats, you’ll find a massive ocean of pleasing mixes. It’s the perfect music to soothe your soul, boost your mood and complement your lifestyle. If chill beats have stirred your inner animator, we’re keen to see what you can draw for us! Check us out.